Lockdown Live Dub Mix (2020)


⚡live dub mix⚡
Dub Conductor are happy to share this live dub mix with you, featuring music old and new from many many brilliant musicians?? [full track listing below].
All tracks have been produced by DC and mixed live whilst in lockdown at our Mediterranean headquarters in ☀️Marseille☀️ France.
If you like what you hear please let us know and share with your friends!
Stay safe. One love. DC.

Track listing :
1. “Propaganda” ft. Dark Angel [Moonshine Recordings 2018 – MS039]
2. “Crisis” ft. Cornell Campbell [Dub Conductor Music 2013 – DCM003]
3. “Push dem Over” ft. El Fata [Unreleased]
4. “Danger Style” ft. Ponchita Peligros [Unreleased
5. “Gone a England Riddim” ft. Tommy Harris [Unreleased]
6. “Greedy” ft. Dark Angel [Unreleased]
7. “Trample the Eagle and the Dragon and the Bear” ft. Rueben Master [Unreleased remix – original by Alpha and Omega]
8. “World Cry” ft. Blackout JA [Dub Conductor Music 2016 – DCM007]
9. “Fyah” ft. Wellette Seyon [Unreleased]
10. “Jah Gift” ft. El Indio & Reality Souljah [Unreleased]
11. “Can you hear it” ft. Sis I-Leen [Dub Conductor Music 2014 – DCM004]
12. “Jah Liveth” ft. Danman [Unreleased remix – original by Author]
13. “Hey Dub Conductor” ft. Horace Andy [Unreleased]


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