Gone a England Riddim ft El Fata/Ponchita Peligros/Tommy Harris (DCM010)


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Dub Conductor are extremely happy to present our latest musical creation, featuring two fantastic vocalists and a superb saxophonist, all blended into 4 carefully crafted mixes of rootical dubwise.
This track was born after a meeting between Dub Conductor and El Fata at a big session in Lyon, France, in June 2019. After the session, we decided we had to work with him and set about creating a rhythm and starting the collaboration to create something with this superbly smooth and individual voice. A short while later we decided that we would also love to feature Ponchita Peligros, another instantly identifiable, talented artist who had not yet featured on our label and whose vocal skills had really been catching our attention in recent years. Finally, the rhythm has been given some massive horns sounds from the jazz man Tommy Harris, a skilled saxophonist who we met during a chance encounter in a smokey Jazz club in Manchester.

  1. ‘Push dem Over’ (El Fata)
  2. ‘Danger Style’ (Ponchita Peligros)
  3. ‘Horns inna England’ (Tommy Harris)
  4. ‘Gone a England Riddim’ (Dub Conductor)
  5. ‘Dub dem Over’ (El Fata & Dub Conductor) – Digital release only
  6. ‘Danger Dub’ (Ponchita Peligros & Dub Conductor) – Digital release only

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