Fyah ft Wellette Seyon/Digistep/Lucadread/Dub Conductor (DCM011)


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DCM011 – “Fyah” features Wellette Seyon on vocals for the title track, followed by a triumphant horns cut from Dubkasm’s brilliantly talented Digistep on the sax. After that, Dub Conductor take a journey deep into the mixing board with two dubwise cuts of the rhythm, with additional melodica melodies from Lucadread.
Dub Conductor have been crafting this track for more than 5 years! After many many versions of the Rhythm, we can say for certain that we are happy with the result – crisp, clear dubs which blend roots and steppas music just the way we like it!

  1. ‘Fyah’ (Wellette Seyon)
  2. ‘Air’ (Digistep)
  3. ‘Water Dub’ (Dub Conductor)
  4. ‘Earth Dub’ (Dub Conductor ft. Lucadread)
  5. ‘Love Dub’ (Wellette Seyon & Dub Conductor) – Digital release only

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