Free Downloads

Every so often we give away free music to say thanks for the support of our wonderful listeners. Below are the links to all of the downloads currently available. Enjoy! Please Note: These tracks are free but we do ask one thing in return: If you like it…. Share it with a friend!

(To save the file right click on the link and select: “Save link as…”)


‘Legalise It’ – Peter Tosh. Dub Conductor Remix

 Here’s a dubplate remix of the classic track by Peter Tosh, made in our Ireland-based studios back in 2015. The link contains a zip file containing a vocal and dub version. Hope you enjoy it. Share share share!

‘Who Knows’ – Chucky Bantan Dub Conductor Dubplate (World Cry Riddim)

At a recent session in Manchester, we made the link with Chucky Bantan and once he’d finished playing, he sang us a special remix of Chronixx’s ‘Who Knows’  backstage. The track is performed on the World  Cry Riddim, release date: 15th April, 2016 ✮BUY IT HERE✮ This one-off special version is free to download so please share the link with your friends.

‘Wicked & Wild’ – Dubconductor ft Danman

A one off mix of a slow, heavy steppas riddim featuring a little jingle from the one and only Danman. Want more mixes? Does it need a full vocal!? Release!?!?!?… Let us know! Right now there’s just this mix available (free!) but we will see what happens in the future. The track was created in dubconductor studios Ireland in January, 2015

‘Monkey Dub Test Mix’ – Dubconductor

This one is a test mix of an unfinished riddim, inspired by Black Uhuru’s ‘The Monkey is a Spy’ riddim. It’s not currently released but perhaps we will find a singer for this one and get some cuts on vinyl in the future. The track was created in dubconductor studios Ireland in November, 2014

‘Dubconductor is a Part of My Life’ – Charlie P & Dubconductor

This track is an unreleased version of our fourth release on the Dubconductor Music label. The vocal was recorded in Manchester in 2014, before Charlie joined us to play alongside Channel One Soundsystem later that night.

‘WE-ARE-WARRIOR’ – Dubconductor ft Bunnington Judah (Binghi)

This track is a one off piece of fun dub, created when we acquired our new Bass Station 2 synth to test out some sounds. The binghi is played by Bunnington Judah. It was mixed and recorded in Manchester in early 2014.


100% Production Mixtape #1 (2014)

This is our first ever 100% production mix (it’s actually 99% production as the first track is produced by Vibronics). Created in September, 2014, it features all of our current favourite selections from the Dubconductor vaults. Enjoy!